Patent Translation

At Intonation, we understand the technicalities and complexities of patent translation.

So what is patent translation?

Patent translation is the specialised task of converting patent related documentation into another language.  This could be for a set of patent claims, a description and drawings, prior art or legal documentation relating to a patent dispute.

The translation of patents differs to other forms of translation, requiring particular terminology and highly specialised experts.  Whether for an EP validation or WIPO application, the patent translators we use are matched to each particular patent project. Unlike general translation providers with in-house translators, we choose each individual specialist translator according not only to their expertise in patent language, but also in the particular subject area of the patent itself, whether it be a medical, chemical, mechanical, pharmaceutical or method patent.

We're able to offer the full range of patent translation services whether a set of claims or a description and drawings, prior art or simply legal matters in a patent dispute. We work to quick filing deadlines and our patent translation experts understand the importance of accuracy and confidentiality.

We work with renewals, validations, applications and specifications and in partnership alongside patent attorneys, IP formalities professionals and law firms to offer an unparalleled service that our clients return to again and again.  We're such experts in the field that we even get other translation agencies asking for our help!

All our patent translation work is triple checked- not just translated and proofed- to ensure absolute accuracy. In 2016 alone, we translated over 10 million words of patent related documentation and, thanks to those sorts of volumes, can offer some really competitive pricing on our IP and patent work.

  • 10 million words of patent related documentation translated in 2016
  • Unique triple check procedure to ensure absolute accuracy
  • Translators matched to individual patent subject area
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