Market Research Translation

So many dismiss market research translation as "general" translation, when in fact, it's anything but - with the localisation of concepts and showcards, and the translation and checking of questionnaires across a vast number of subject areas requiring an expert market research translation specialist at all points of the process.

In July 2014, Intonation's purchase of WORDtrans, a translation company specialising in market research translations with over 20 years' experience in translating market research information, further strengthened its already strong reputation in the market research field.

Our dedicated Project Management team is well versed in the delivery of fast-to-market campaigns and whether you have a requirement spanning 20 languages or a single location launch, Intonation can be relied upon to manage your market research translation requirements professionally, on time and within budget.

We can handle all sorts of market research material from concepts to product descriptions, questionnaires and responses, stimulus materials, showcards, brand and ad testing and B2B or consumer research.

  • Purchase of WORDtrans in 2014- Market Research Translation Specialist Company
  • Over 12 million words of Market Research material translated in 2017
  • B2B or Consumer Research
Market Research Translation
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