Subtitling Services

Subtitles are used to give your visual projects a wider worldwide audience. Subtitling involves the translation of speech into a written, visual format. Subtitles can be added in the same language or in a different language and the timing has to be spot on so that the text coincides with the speech. Subtitling is ideal for using on corporate videos, company instructional videos and sales videos. We handle every subtitling file format and our translators know the importance of creating well subtitled contact and are experts in subtitle provision.

Indeed, our experienced mother tongue subtitlers do more than translate the words spoken on screen - they convey the full sense and meaning of what is being said and adapt the language so that it is understood by other cultures. We offer subtitling in over 100 languages and are happy to handle the whole process- from providing time coded transcriptions of your filmed footage right through to burning subtitles into your finished output. We liaise with clients on every job to ensure both the mood and tone is right for you and your brand.

  • All subtitling file formats handled
  • Presentations to promotional films and movies
  • Time coded transcription service available
Subtitling Services

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