Are you short of time or resources and do you require your document to be checked for spelling, accuracy and grammar? If the answer is yes then we can take care of the proofreading for you. Misspelling just one word in a document or article can alter its meaning and original intention. Public, medical or legal documents cannot risk mistakes or misinterpretation. Likewise, information released for commercial marketing and advertising has to be correct in a world where companies are judged on how they present themselves to the public.

In an increasingly time-hungry world, grammar, spelling and punctuation seem to fall by the wayside, yet these are the foundations for any language and have to be correct. We can help you. We provide confidential proofreading services for the business, public, legal and academic sectors.

Whether foreign language copy or a translation that needs checking, our proofreading and editing team can ensure it is accurate, reads well, sets the correct tone and conveys the correct message, whilst eliminating spelling and grammatical errors. In addition, we are happy to provide English language proofreading of all types of documentation- from marketing material to legal contracts.

  • English or foreign language proofreading service
  • Member of the Association of Translation Companies
  • 30 years' experience

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