Are language barriers limiting your business?

Posted on 01 Sep 2014

Are language barriers limiting your business?

Research carried out by Professor James Foreman-Peck, from Cardiff University's Business School for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, found that language deficiencies were a significant barrier to UK companies exporting.

In fact, the research found that language ignorance is costing the UK economy around £48bn a year in export business - most of which has impacted small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

To raise awareness of this amongst SMEs, the Association of Translation Companies (ATC) has launched a campaign highlighting the importance of enlisting the support of professional language service providers.

Geoffrey Bowden, the ATC's General Secretary (pictured) said, "ATC members, such as Intonation, play a vital role in helping UK plc improve its export performance. However independent research keeps showing how British exporters are losing out to foreign competition by ignoring the importance of having a coherent language strategy.

"So many continue to think that using English is good enough, while for others language issues are often an after-thought. This can make the work of Language Service Providers more difficult – especially when exporters turn for help at the last moment and give impossible delivery deadlines.  

"The ATC aims to highlight the importance of professionally produced translations and language services, and emphasising the need to factor in translation needs earlier in the marketing and export process. It really is vital and ATC members such as Intonation are best placed to help exporters win greater market share," he explained.         

If you think your business is missing out on export opportunities, talk to Intonation today on 01329 828438 or email Our professional translation services are undertaken by mother tongue translators so whatever size your business, we'll help you take on the world.


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