Conference Interpreting

Did you know that the first use of simultaneous conference interpreting using electronic equipment for a large number of listeners took place during the Nuremburg Trials of 1945-1946, with four official languages used? But what is simultaneous interpreting?

The world of interpreting can be a confusing one for many clients and simultaneous conference interpreting is perhaps the area clients know the least about.  Simultaneous interpreting, as the name suggests, is when the interpreter interprets at the same time as the speaker is speaking, working in a soundproofed booth alongside at least one colleague.  The interpreter receives the speaker's voice through a headset and then relays the information in the relevant language into a microphone, which is received by delegates listening on a headset in the audience.  The set up is perfect for conferences, exhibitions or any event where a large number of listeners may not speak the speaker's language.

Intonation has conference and simultaneous interpreters based across the globe, ready to help you get your message across and can provide NRPSI (National Register of Public Service Interpreters) members upon request.  We can also provide you with interpreting equipment, making us the perfect one-stop shop for your requirement.

  • All interpreting types covered
  • Equipment hire available
  • NRPSI interpreters available on request
Conference Interpreting
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