Intonation provides the cure for pharma care company’s translation needs

No matter where in the world it is being presented, a sales tool needs to be well-written, effective and able to deliver results.

So when PGT Healthcare, a joint venture between Procter & Gamble and Teva Pharmaceuticals, wanted to use Polish sales material they realised that a professional translation was imperative.

twentysix, a UK-based digital marketing specialist, brought Intonation on board to translate a sales call guide template for its client PGT Healthcare.

The sales call guide template is part of a PowerPoint workbook used by PGT Healthcare’s sales teams. Along with a cheat sheet, the PowerPoint workbook forms a Product Deployment Guide that sales teams can use to specify which brands/products they are going to focus on selling that year.

Amy Jowett, Senior Digital Account Manager at twentysix said, “Intonation played a key role in ensuring our work for PGT Healthcare was to the high standard expected.

“By providing a high quality translation from Polish to English, our client was able to equip its sales teams with a global version of the sales call guide template, ready to be populated for use in PGT’s EU markets,” said Amy.

Intonation’s Managing Director Dan Peachey said that although the content of the presentation tool guide wasn’t overly technical, using mother tongue subject specialist translators is standard practice at Intonation to ensure accuracy.

We’re no strangers to undertaking translations for clients in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Many of the projects we receive involve industry-specific language and terminology, which is where the expertise of subject specialists comes into play.

This project didn’t contain vast amounts of technical content however the skill lay in communicating the subtleties, such as the prompts, tips and instructions for the sales person giving the presentation to pharmacists.”

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