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WORDtrans is now part of Intonation Ltd

WORDtrans is now part of Intonation Ltd

WORDtrans has been purchased by Intonation Ltd and, with effect from July 2014, and will trade as Intonation T/A WORDtrans.

Like WORDtrans, Intonation is an LSP (Language Service Provider) offering a wide portfolio of services, including translation, interpreting transcreation, voiceovers and subtitling and transcription, across every language combination. Intonation shares WORDtrans' values, wealth of expertise and commitment to quality and, in addition, operates its own specialist legal translation division, City Legal Translations.

Most importantly for you, Intonation is committed to keeping on the same WORDtrans translators and to offering even better value for your money!

Why not click around our website and see what we can offer you, pick up the phone to speak one of our team on +44 (0)1329 828438 or email us at


"The translators, as well as my contacts at Intonation, are dedicated to ensure that the translation is correct."


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