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legal translation

Legal and Financial Translation

What is Legal and Financial Translation?

Legal and Financial Translation is a specialised skill, requiring expertise, experience and a high level of training. The language used within legal and financial documents is unique, complicated and exact. There is no margin for error. Legal documents can include contracts, agreements, court documents, summons, witness statements, judgments and marriage certificates, whilst financial documents can be anything from annual reports and balance sheets to financial tenders and prospectuses. If you require a legal or financial document to be translated then you will need a professional, confidential and qualified team.

How we can help you?

City Legal Translations, a division of Intonation, are specialists in financial and legal translations. You can rely upon both the accuracy and confidentiality of our service.

Every legal and financial translator that works with us possesses a minimum of 5 years' experience and translates only into their mother tongue. Our team is made up of not only expert legal and financial translators, but also former solicitors and people working in the financial industry.

We can arrange sworn translations by affidavit, notarisations before a Notary Public and FCO legalisation as necessary. As a registered member of the Association of Translation Companies, we can also provide certified translations, signed and stamped by the company and translator.

Contact Us

To find out more about our legal and financial translation service, please visit our sister company or call us at Intonation on 01329 828438.


"We have been using Intonation for a number of years and could not be happier. The service is fast, friendly and fastidiously accurate no matter what languages are in the mix. I would have no hesitation in recommending Intonation to others."


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