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Meet the Team

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Rebecca - Managing Director

Rebecca oversees a team of dedicated staff at Intonation.

She joined the company in 1994 having worked in diverse roles in a language school, a city PR firm, as a debt collector and even treading the boards in a West End musical! Three years later she was appointed to the Board of Directors and is also Managing Director of sister company InterRegs, a technical publisher of regulatory information for the automotive industry.

Holding a BA degree in Modern Languages (French and Russian) and a Diploma in Translation from the Institute of Linguists, Rebecca has a fearsome reputation for correct grammar and punctuation!

Her interests include going to the theatre and keeping chickens, and she knows a surprising amount about kids' TV of the 70s.

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Dan - Commercial Director

Having joined Intonation as a Co-Ordinator in October 2000, Dan has enjoyed the diverse nature of the work at Intonation so much that he's taken over the day to day running of the company!

A graduate in Modern Languages and European Studies at the University of the West of England in Bristol, Dan has since completed studies in French translation at the University of Southampton, specialising in business.

A keen music lover, Dan counts European cinema, swimming and athletics (sadly watching rather than participating!) amongst his interests.

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Rachael - Assistant Translation Manager

Thanks to Intonation's strong links with the University of Portsmouth, Rachael began working with us during a student placement.

Her fluent Spanish language skills, honed from working for an IT company in Madrid, made her an ideal member of the team and she was invited to join on a permanent basis.

As a graduate in European Business and Spanish, Rachael has completed an a MA in Corporate Governance and Business Law and still finds time to put everyone to shame with her gym routine.

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Tatiana - Translation Co-Ordinator

Another recruit from the University of Portsmouth (well, via Slovakia) Tatiana began work for Intonation on a part time basis alongside studying for a Masters in Translation and Technical Communication. As soon as she finished, we snapped her up for a full time position, which she started in February 2011.

Such is her undeniable passion for languages, Tatiana also devotes part of her free time to community interpreting and teaching a Beginner's German class!

Belying her Eastern European roots, she enjoys all things Latino and has been known to Salsa dance her way around the office!

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Elodie - Translation Co-Ordinator

Elodie joined Intonation in 2012, having completed a Masters in Translation (English and German) at the University of Le Mans, in her native France. Moving to England in 2011 to immerse herself in British culture, Elodie gained valuable in house experience translating for a company selling sporting equipment and specialised in the triathlon, but has no desire to complete one herself!

A lover of cycling, Elodie loves the great outdoors and as Intonation's resident backpacker, has plans to visit each continent within a year. We've given her food orders for each one...

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Veronica - Translation Co-Ordinator

Veronica joined Intonation in October 2013, originally from Genoa, Italy, having spent a few (very different!) years working in Sheffield. With an MA in Translation (English and French), specializing in banking, accounting and finance, she also holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Translation Technology from Swansea University and is the go-to person for our CAT tool problems!

Surely the only belly dancer in Fareham to also be a keen knitter, we've got her on the case for one of our future offers- expect a Intonation coloured scarf in the post at some point in the future!

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Hesione - Client Relationship Manager

Hesione comes to Intonation following a career break, during which she spent five years seeing the world, including a stint teaching English language and culture in Tokyo.

Appointed to strengthen Intonation's business development prospects, Hesione became a member of the team in 2003.

Her diverse career has included employment with several leading city companies such as Standard Chartered Bank and Lancôme Cosmetics.

She loves nature and the great outdoors, and is also a qualified yoga teacher.

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Will - Client Relationship Team

Will joined Intonation in February 2014. Starting on an apprenticeship scheme to handle Intonation's administration needs, Will soon found himself an invaluable member of the team and was quickly promoted to our Client Relationship Management team, working with both new and longstanding clients to ensure Intonation is meeting their requirements fully.

A keen football supporter, Will can often be found on the terraces of Fratton Park watching his beloved Portsmouth or arguing with the Southampton fans in the office!

Meet the Translators

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Andrea - Translator English/German

During her career, Andrea has translated more than 20 books in various fields for clients all over the world.

A native German speaker with considerable business experience and a degree in translation, Andrea loves to travel, read English crime fiction, and network with friends from the English-speaking Women's Career Network in Vienna.

She has studied and worked in the US and UK, and having worked in-house as the Manager of the Documentation and Translation Dept of an international software company and for agencies, now runs her own business as a freelance translator.

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Carolina - Translator and Interpreter English/Italian

Carolina began working with Intonation in 1997 with a Doctorate in Foreign Languages and a specialisation in Law and Economics.

She has spent the last 20 years working in the financial and legal sectors.

She currently lives in Stratford-upon-Avon, where she's enjoyed brushing up on her knowledge of Shakespeare, being an avid fan of the Bard's work, although she wishes to assure that her translations are never a "Comedy of Errors"!

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Cinzia - Translator and Interpreter English/Italian

Cinzia is a keen globetrotter and loves to learn new languages.

Having studied in Italy, she moved to the UK and became a freelance translator in 1993.

She received a Master's Degree in Translation Studies from the University of Portsmouth, and as a member of the American Translators' Association she runs accreditation examinations as a proctor in the UK.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading and running.

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Leslie - Translator English/Portuguese/Italian/Spanish

A freelance writer and translator with more than 20 years experience, Leslie divides his time between Cambridge and Buenos Aires.

A member of the Institute of Linguists and the Society of Authors, his work as a translator has included diverse tasks. He has translated notes on Argentinean music and undertaken subtitling for an Argentinean documentary shown during the 2000 Latin American Film Festival in London.

He has produced a number of books about the socio-political situation in Argentina concerning land rights and indigenous issues.

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Gala - Translator and Interpreter English/Russian

Gala has a passion for Argentine tango and, thanks to her interpreting assignments, has danced all over the world!

She is a Russian conference interpreter and translator with considerable experience of medical, legal and technical interpreting.

A graduate in modern languages from a Russian university, Gala has worked as a translator and interpreter for an oil company and European business consulting company based in Russia.

Translator profile image

James - Translator English/Arabic

James's love of foreign languages began at the age of five (in 1949) and has been growing ever since. His main subjects at school were French and Spanish, and he 'took in' Italian and Russian in his spare time for fun, as well as beginning his life-long affair with Chinese.

A degree in Arabic and Persian at Cambridge then led to practising at the Bar for six years and in 1980 he transferred to being a solicitor. In 1985 he took up a posting as an Arabic speaking maritime lawyer in Dubai, where he stayed for 16 years. His published translations of numerous maritime and commercial laws of the Arabian Gulf countries are widely used as authoritative versions in legal and commercial circles all around the Gulf.

He attempted to retire in 2001 to live a studious and contemplative life in the countryside of South Devon, and to finish reading Confucius and his contemporaries in the original, a task he began at the age of 15 and is determined to accomplish before he dies. But we found out where he was hiding and decided we still had work for him to do...


"The translators, as well as my contacts at Intonation, are dedicated to ensure that the translation is correct."


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